Chapter 1

It was dangerous but they didn’t care, because the wanted the gem. “Come on wake up!” Jodi shouted, “We need to find the map, it’s somewhere on the ship.”

“We have looked everywhere. Can we have a small break?” Ben moaned.

“Its only been five minutes.”

“My point exactly.”

Ben and Jodi had been on the Stormblue for two days but they had not seen the map, which leads them to the gem in the centre of the sea, since the day before.

“Why don’t we just use the ring?” Ben asked pointing to the bag laying on the deck, which contained an enchanted ring.

“Because that is only in case of emergencies. You know we can only use it three times.” Suddenly, the sky turned grey.

“Oh no, I knew this was a bad idea.”

“Be quite you big whimp this was your idea!” Jodi shouted against the wind. The ship started to toss and turn and Jodi couldn’t control it anymore. The next minute SPLASH! They were in the secret sea but not how they wanted to get there. The sea rolled, tossed and turned, like a restless sleeper. Ben and Jodi bobbed and ducked under the frantic waves, swallowing gulps of sea water. Diving rain lashed down as splinters of lighting cast light above them.

“Land, I see land ,” gargled Ben through a mouthful of sea water. Desperately, they began swimming towards the shore line in the distance.


Chapter 2

Heaving Ben up to his feet, Jodi panted, she looked around in awe. As Ben got onto his feet too, his eyes widened as he glared at the sight before him.

Sweeping stretches of sand wrapped itself around the island. In the distance, odd plants they’d never seen before twisted around each other. A singular, cyclops eye blinked at the too of the stem. “Cool!” They both said in mesmerised, staring into the forest. Overgrown trees gave shade to all of the unusual things this place had to offer.

“Ben, let’s get you back on the ship. I’ll look for supplies while you keep guard. Who knows what’s lurking in the forest,” Jodi said, looking a little uneasy. Jodi made her way into the forest until she was just a dot in the distance.

Left alone in the ship, Ben peaked out and saw nothing he could do while he waits. There was an eerie silent that he didn’t like. “I hope Jodi is okay.” Ben told himself biting his li’ anxiously. She didn’t come back for thirty minutes.

But then something rattled in the Bush a few I chew away from him…


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