the adventure

Joe never believed in monsters. Well not until now: He was sure he had just seen one with his very own eyes “ Am I crazy” questioned Joe in fear

“No, I saw it too.” Replied Alan. They didn’t know that this journey would turn into a nightmare, But  the First sighting of the Eclipser was the first sign that trouble is heading their way. The weather was even worse than there luck: It was a dark cold night and lighting had cracked the sky in two

Thunder cracked like a sparkler, whilst hitting the air balloon. Panic spread around the ship before Joe covered it swiftly with tape. They knew that it wouldn’t last long but they had no choice. The unfortunate events weren’t able to bring them down because they still had hope inside them.

Alan and Joe were half awake, but they came to their senses when they heard a hissing noise.” Were falling!” said Alan as the tape peeled off even more. They gripped on to the railing for dear life, as they swiftly fell towards the water


They gazed down in horror. As they plummeted rapidly down, a few moments later, they dropped into the ocean a few hundred metres from shore. A tsunami of water rose into the air then A loud  noise caught their attention. It was the eclipser who plunged his tail at the ship, splintering it in two. Water flooded in. Fortunately, the waves had pushed them further towards the Bay so they managed to reach the nearby island, scrambling to safety

The island looked deserted. There was no soul in sight. Stepping on to the island was like stepping on to the moon because Joe and Alan were the only sign of life there

Around the island, it looked like the bushes were closing in, isolating you inside the void of the island. There was a statue of a man with a spear: He was covered in moss and his hand was missing. Crunching noises rustled in the bushes. It was damp like a swamp and nothing like anything they’ve seen before

They looked around for the spare planks to fix the ship but they weren’t able to find  it. The gloomy moon didn’t help. Just then they’ve saw something out the corner of there eye. Although they couldn’t make out what it was, they sensed danger. Their spines tingled , hair stood on end then they saw it…

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