The Bael fruit

The Bael



“AARF!” Felix barked, scrambling around the deck, scratching at Kieran as he tried not to die. He twisted the wheel frantically as the storm dragons swarmed the Goblin’s Tooth and battered it through the thunder-lit clouds. Captain Don was still snoring in the lower deck, completely oblivious to the chaos ensuing above him. With all his might, Fernando fiercely wrestled with the tiller. They didn’t see themselves making it out of this alive. Suddenly, the hammering came to a halt.

“I thought that there wasn’t doing to be another thunderstorm for a month!” Kieran shouted, “I Wouldn’t know,” he replied. “I don’t even watch the news but hopefully that’s the worst if it over.” But the hammering reared back to life as barbed lightning **** the sky in two. Menacing dragons thrashed against the woodwork and in a heartbeat, the Goblin’s tooth was sent spiralling through the air. Felix was now in the cabin, prodding around the room in horror. He hated dragons, like most dogs. A sharp hissing filled the air and Captain Don thudded onto the top deck, took one glance around and went back down, not wanting any part in it. The balloon was now diminishing rapidly now. Eyeing it fearfully, Fernando asked,” Have you got any tape?” Kieran staggered backward, completely losing control of the wheel. He slowly stumbled over to his rucksack and desperately fished his hand into the main pocket the balloon had lost half its air and was slowly reducing to a giant blanket. Then lightning struck and the engine spluttered and failed.

Kieran took out a thick roll of tape and sprinted towards the sails as steadily (not very steady though.) as he could. He climbed the ladder as it lurched from side to side. Fernando ran to the ship wheel, trying to avert danger. Air continued to seep from the balloon just as another flare of lightning forked at the ship. Kieran tore the tape and so. Patched the whole. The Airship was whirling out of control now, heading straight for the water. Engine smoke filled the air whilst Felix settled on wriggling into a corner, fearing for his life. The ship darted toward the sea in a smoke clod but then…


CRASH! The cyan waters erupted around them, and a great shriek filled the air. An eerie mid swallowed the ship. Kieran and Fernando curiously got up and scanned the terrain around them. Captain Don and some of the crew members ascended from the bottom deck, gaping in horror at the aftermath of the storm. Fernando pated heavily, glancing at the misty barren coastline. Amongst the twisted trees and ashen rock, a silhouette of what looked like a deserted village appeared across the horizon. Pale waters collided and an oceanic breeze infected the air.

They should have been at the border of North/Eastgourneth by now, but they’d been blown way off course.

“Right!” Captain Don barked,” You go and find some materials to make amendments, I’ll guard the ship and you three-.” He pointed at the two children and Felix, the stood there innocently, “Stay here.” They gave a sigh of relief and turned to go back into the cabin whilst Felix shot ahead of them. Afternoon soon turned into evening, casting a coat of shadows onto the ship.

Storm clouds faded away but the rumble of thunder was still known . The sun retreated and evening soon became night. The pearly moon hung High  in the torrent of darkness. The crew had been gone for hours and began to raise questions from the captain . The children were meant to be asleep in the dimly lit cabin, but instead, they were deep in thought, wondering how they could get the Bael fruit from the Isle of Black now. Just then, a Flash of light caught their attention. The crew had just arrived from their journey, exhausted yet they had barely found anything to help mend the ship.

Kieran peered over the crippled railings, puzzled.

Just then, the earth trembled beneath their feet. Just then flames swallowed the sky. He stared in horror…


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