The Big .B.

The Big .B.
“Wayne! You go over to the steering wheel, try to steer us up!”Lisa ordered as the Big .B. Took a deep dive into the abyss “hey! Quit me around ok!”Wayne replied. The airship got closer and closer to the Rocky Mountains below. “Just do it!”Wayne hurried towards the steering hi wheel with no hesitation he pulled as hard as he could “its working!” Wayne told her.They had only been airborne for a day when they hit the ferocious storm. Buffeted by stammering gurts which tore the clouds like a shredded veil. Wayne struggled for control.They had no chance of surviving without a balloon.Earlier, the intense storm had struck.It was as if the heavens were being torn apart by the jagged spears of lightning- the thunder howling their pain.They survived however the balloon did not, which left them crashing to the ground.”Get ready!”Captain G ordered.”this looks like a hard landing”

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