The black lightning

The black lightning

Tibious and Lizzie noticed some fire engines circling around them. They were both very curious but worried they immediately told Rick. He was shocked to hear what was going on he had no idea what was happening. Eventually they found out, they were preparing to land rick was very stressed. “hold on tight get ready to land” Shouted Rick at the top of his lungs. Without warning Rick soon realised what was happening. The black lightening balloon was


slowly deflating this means they will have to crash land. Lizzie and Tibious screaming for help even Tibious was frightened. Shortly after a lot of turbulence and it felt like had be knocked out by the wind.


Everyone woken up in amazement apart from a few cuts and grazes and been in the middle nowhere they were safe. A chilly breeze danced past lizzies face. A rim of pale pink formed on the horizon Tibious was amazed by the curving branches which over shadowed the dim forest. Rick felt the fresh green grass growing on a misty mysterious day.


Meanwhile Rick asked the twins to fetch some from the ruined sky ship. They came back with tons of food but captain Rick had disappeared. They both were puzzled captain Rick had told them to meet him back here a tingle formed on lizzie’s neck. A claw as sharp as steel patted them on the back they screamed for their life it just echoed into the mist.

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