The Breezy Airship

The Breezy Airship

You’ve probably been on airship soaring through the sky at speeds not even an F1 car could reach . Remember when you clasped on to a railing when you first got on the airship as we flew through the air

I bet you’ve enjoyed eating delicious HotN’Ready food as the breeze passes by giving goosebumps as the heat tried to defend the goosebumps

You should also try being more open to the warm breeze on a hot day when the sun is glimmering when the storm passes and let’s out the sun


Dave and Micheal were two young boys who liked building inventions and moving household objects that were simple to make but they wanted to go bigger to impress the small rural town they lived in. They decided that they were going to build a sky-ship to travel the world in.

After a week of planning, they took their tools and started building. It had the base of a rickety boat and elongated bladder of a hot-air-balloon. They were almost finished with the build, everything was in place, except the food!

6 months later: the ship was ready. They boarded the ship feeling prouder than ever about what they had done. They started it up, and drove off into the distance.

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