The Chopper Episode 2

The chopper Episode 2

Chandler stared as the chopper was about to meet the ground. Chandler’s heart was thumping like the sound of a bear’s footstep, while Monica was enjoying the ride. Meanwhile, captain Marney who was at the wheel with the horrendous wind blowing in his face was steering the ship. “We are about to land!” yelled captain Marney. They landed with a tremendous thump.


The landed in a dark mysterious forest. Thunder was rumblings in the sound of waving trees. Monica fled out the chopper into the moonlight reflecting off the trees. Chandler was shaking in fear the dark trees looked like they were going to clutch him up, it was Dark. It was quiet and it was dusk. The sound of clutching mud was all they could hear.


Captain Marney ate berries and suddenly past out, the children were all alone. Chandler gasped at the sound of a twig he was curled up in a ball looking out the window. Could they ever escape?

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