The Dark Destroyer.

The Dark Destroyer

Carla had never thought of herself as an adventurer let alone a sky ship explorer ,but of course her brother Bruno insisted they go on this deadly journey…


“Do we have to go this fast?” screeched Carla ,beads of sweat running down her forehead. “yes if we want to get to curving caves on time!” Sebastian ,the ships driver, called back .At that moment, a large swarm of lightning leapers aproched The Dark Destroyer [their air ship.]“everyone down” barked Bruno at the top of his voice

.The lightning leapers slowly came towards the ship, searching for any sign of life. “MEEEEEEOOOOOOWW ”starts Dimetree ,whom was awoken from his morning nap. The lightning leapers buzzed. “shh” whispered Bruno .the lightning leapers slowly settled on the Dark Destroyer. Their temperature melting on the large metal bars that Carla had previously been clutching on.

Sebastian’s eyes widened with realisetion as his brain slowly formulated a plan. He swiftly pressed the boost button on the control panel sending the leapers to fly in the sky. ”yes!” cried Sebastian jumping In the air, but Bruno points to the fuel gauge that clearly states E. ”Everyone hold on tight” said Sebastian.


Carla’s knuckled whitened as she gripped onto The Dark Destroyer’s thick metal rails. The crew braced themselves for a rough landing and that is exactly what they got. The air ship landed with a quick and dreadful thud . Sebastian’s skin ****** up as he marvelled around at the vast forest. ”this isn’t curving caves is it?” asked Bruno confused but there was no response as everyone was too overwhelmed by the scene around them.

Sebastian looked at the fuel gauge and shook his head. “I brought some spare fuel in the lower deck , I will be back in twenty minutes. Stay here and don’t get off the ship exept you Bruno you go and hunt for spare parts to fix the engine.” He ordered. As told Bruno wandered off into the night leaving Carla and Dimitee alone on the airship.

Carla looked around the strange forest in witch they had landed. She gazed at the luminous Midnight moon wishing she was back at the old farmhouse in Enchanted Medows with her ma .The tall towering trees blocked her eyesight like how the white pearly clouds engulf the silent silver sky. Carla felt the rough bark of a small tree that had been lingering over the ship. She regrated her dicision to go on this trip but she knew she at the find the rare Emromand to help here family since her ma lost her job.

At that moment a rustling noise from a bush caught her eye.

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