the dragon sky ship ep 2

The dragon sky ship

Episode 2


Zac’s heart was racing he looked down. They were getting closer and closer to the ground. Zac and veronica could start to see the island a little bit more. It looked quite scary the floor was muddy and the trees were crooked and the braches were snapped there were no leaves on the trees and it looked very dark and mysterious. Eventually the ship landed.


They looked around and didn’t see the dragon anywhere in the sky. There were storm clouds forming in the sky it went all dull and dark and started to rain we could hear the bushes starting to dance as the wind got worse and worse.


We started to explore the forest more. We saw a stone building covered in moss. It had a big statue behind the building it looked like an old ancient god. We predicted there was nobody else on the island as it was so silent there were lighting strikes that were not in a good mood… they gone into the building for shelter the dark clouds hovered above them.

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