The fallen ship

The Fallen ship
Harry and Jimmy clung together as Captain O’Malley dodged and dived past the feriocious wind,as they continued their expedition to the mistical Marigold Moutain and the Forgotten Forest.Side to side ,the Wimping willow shook ,Harry and Jimmy gripped on to a railing and Harry’s hand turned Snow White.Captain O’Malley made it out to safety.she shouted”it’s ok you can come out now!”.Harry and Jimmy came out shivering as the cold winter breath haunted upon their neck like a ghost in the dark.As the storm and raging wind calmed down,that all went to sleep for the ftart of a new day.Harry and Jimmy yelled”good night!”But Captain O’Malley was preoccupied.Although they had weathered this storm,she wondered if worse was to come.She didn’t have long to wait.Unfortunately,a flash of lightning ripped across the sky,tearing the mainsail of the wimping willlow into pieces.In a flash,the ship began to buffet and the land below rushed to meet them as they plunged at speed towards it.

BANG!!Everyone froze in horror as the lightning hit the nine.They all screamed “WERE GOING TO DIE!”Harry and Jimmy sprinted like a cheat to the over side.Captin O’Malley close her eyes as tight as she could as the skyship plunged into the ground.

As they open their eyes in happiness from the nightmare they were in,they scan around them like a radar, to see what they discovered.Captain O’Malley shouted “we made it,were alive”.Harry and Jimmy look over each other to see a majestic forest in front of them,they ran to see but they hear a weird sound in the dark bushes.A monkey jumped out and ran up a stark tree.They carry on their expedition in excitement,in the distance a thin outline of a huge waterfall cought the corner of Harry’s eye.Jimmy could smell the fresh air of the sky.The sunlight peered through the green leaves.The water of the glowing river shimmered like a disco ball.

Captain O’Malley tells them they are going to find parts to repair the skyship so her and the crew disappeared into the damp trees. As the evening went past and the night was upon them,they shivered like ice cubes.They go back to the skyship to look for a blanket as they wait.They hear a wired sound in the trees.Harry and Jimmy hide under the blanket in horror.

– [ ] The outline of a beast emerged from the darkness.

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