The firefly E.2

The Firefly

Above the sea, Iris stood their openly however chad sat their grasping the side curled up like a ball of sand. Meanwhile Captain carl who was breaking his back fighting against the wind at the wheel. “Hold on tight! Where going down!” Iris looked down to see what looked like an island full off greenery “chad come look at this” Iris called out. Chad who was still gripping the side got up to peer over the side. He could not just see the ground coming up but he could feel the butterfly’s in his tummy. He gulped. Then squealed as a big crashing sound approached them with trees surrounding them.


As light fell and darkness grew a curtain of stars arose above them. “stick to the path and don’t go off track” Captain Carl pleaded. When Iris took a step could feel the soft emerald green vines stroking her face. Since he could just make out what he could see through the misty fog in the deep distant without realizing he was going of course. He continued walking until he could only taste the bitterness of the fog. He looked up to see the bold ancient oak tree bowing over him. “iris! Captain carl! …. Iris? Captain carl?” chad let out a sigh and sat down to smell the rosiness of the elegant petals lay in front of him. He soon realized He was lost. Iris was getting worried that he hadn’t turned up he could feel the unpleasant moss coming from the inside of the cave and the echo of the pulling branches. “follow the branches!” Iris blurted out as she skipped off following the noise.


They got closer and closer until finally they could see chad crying in a ball Iris went up to hug him while Captain carl stood there admiring the falling leaves and the appealing petals of the ruby rose. A morning rose they hoped onto the firefly except for Captain carl. After a long painful convocation Captain carl had made up his mind. He would stay on the island till there next trip. After a giving away some hugs they said their goodbyes and got on the firefly. “So you know how to drive this don’t you?” Iris smiled and chad as he shook his head.

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