The jefferson

Chapter 1


Dragon’s peak was just off the horizon but the weather had stopped her luck. Forked lightning had shattered the sky into bits as armies of hail nibbled away at the engine. The Jefferson had lost grip of the sky. “we need to jump, the  ship’s goin’ down!” cried Leah in trepidation. Hail the size of boulders began to fall, thudding against the inflated balloon, damaging the ship. Jagged shards of ice splintered into the sky, damaging the device to keep the ship afloat.


An explosive “BANG!” reverberated above her. The ship lurched forwards causing its contents to roll across the deck of the ship. She knew she had to Land in the seas of hydra, she had heard harrowing myths of these seas having wild whirlpools that can trap you in the coral cages and sea monster’s that can Swallow you whole hydra’s seas were a place of nightmares and they were just below…


“We’re coming down!” Leah  screeched as the dusty ground rushed up to her and landed with a screech ,throwing her out. Looking around she was in an ancient city.


Mountains of rubble and debris were found under moss- covered bridges and ivy crawled up the broken pillars like serpents then suddenly Leah had heard a noise…

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