The Jill Hotel

Are you longing for a holiday well now’s your chance to have the best experience 

you will ever have. Why wouldn’t you not want to come?


  • We have got the most luxury rooms in the world.
  • And we have also got free wi-fi anywhere in the hotel
  • Free ice cream as well for kids under the age of 16
  • Free spa day and we have a five star spa.


Room info


In the room there is a bath room with a bath a shower toilet and sink.

And a 90 inch tv with a ps5 plugged in it.

There is four beds for the whole family.

The tv has a verity of different viewing platforms on it to watch your favorite thrillers for free!


Activity for the kids 


  Will your adults are in the spa the kids can be in the kids play arena. With ps5 Barbie dolls and also a soft play!!!

With slides ball pits baleens beams and more.


The kids can go to brussels pier with lots of rides candy floss making so why not come to our amazing hotel.


Around the hotel


Around the hotel there are lots of activities you can do with the family. You can go horse rides, tubing down real snow, go cart racing and so much more.


Foods and drinks

The foods you can get here are amazing there are two cafes one for breakfast and the other one for lunch and dinner. For the dads there is a bar with all the drinks you can think of.


Final Question


Why not come down to Jill’s hotel I promise you’ll have the time of your life.



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