The Marine Hotel

The Marine Hotel

This summer have you been waiting for the chance to go on holiday? Have you been dying for a nice relaxing week? Have you been looking online for the perfect place? Well stop that and start reading this. Here at the Marine Hotel we are in the perfect position for everyone in the family even Dad.

There is free Wi-Fi all day and night. Beach views or watch as the golfers start to play.

At the Marine Hotel we offer:

  • Free Golf lessons.
  • 50% off for early birds.
  • Luxury dining
  • Amazing comfy bedrooms.
  • Daily use of our indoor or outdoor swimming pool
  • Netball, Basketball, tennis and football courts.
  • Famous celebrity meetings.


For a relaxing, luxury, peaceful week visit now as places will be snapped up.  We are expecting lots and lots of People as of covid. 

Don’t be the one to miss out on our 50% off early bird! And under tens goes free!!!!!!!  

 To let you have a nice long day out on the beach we offer: 

  1. Jungle time playground 
  2. Nursery from 6:00am to 10:00pm
  3. An hour art class ( ages 3 to 10

You would never regret coming.

And Don’t forget:

  1. Under tens go free
  2. Early birds get 50% off
  3. Famous Celebrities meet and greets.  

Visit our website at Take a rest and it will be the best.

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