The Night Shiner Episode 2

The Night Shiner Episode 2

The sky ship screeched as Lily and Troy both screamed. Lily didn’t dare to look out the window, so Troy peeked whilst shaking. He could just about see green trees through the clouds. There was something he knew and that was they were getting closer and closer to the ground. At that moment Captain Greenwood came on the megaphone

“see that land over there, that where we’re heading.” He said pointing his finger at some sort of forest. Then THUD! They had plopped right on a patch of grass. It looked like a magic forest.


Troy looked above him, a few hundred birds swooped over his head chirping at the mysterious trees. Lily stared in wonder. Wat is this place? Why was it so eye capturing? Lily took a sniff, she smelt the smell of enchanted water coming from the stream. A colourful canopy washed their eyes, as the animals began to arise. Lily could see the sturdy trees towering above their heads like an umbrella of leaves. Troy was begging to go and explore the forest but Lily still thought the forest was full of mysteries to unfold. As the day went on the mist and fog began to expand.

“I am n-not sure about this place I think we should go.” Lily said looking around at the strange place.

“no” said Troy

“don’t be silly!!! It is fun here.” He said reassuring Lily.


Lily turned to Captain Greenwood to ask him about the forest but he was just walking away.

“Where are you going?” She asked

“Oh, just to get some material for the balloon since the flying evil horses bit it. He replied

“but” said Lily

“no buts” said Captain Greenwood. Hours past and he still hadn’t come back.

“where is Captain Greenwood he has been gone for a long time now.” The children now began to panic.

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