The not so normal adventure.

Seven in the gigantic city of normals where the normal people live.

The shiny shimmering sun rises above the horizon birds singing like a animal opera. Tomorrow is a day but not an ordinary day no, tomorrow is the day to start the master plan. Becky the specky planned a genius plan to sneak up into the sky ship called normal, great name according to Becky at least. Her brother Alfie the grumpy guy in the family is going to help.

They live on Deceiving Drive it’s in the name because right next to Beckies  and Alfies house is huge luxury houses designed by Silly Sam.They live next to John square and have some pretty sly parents letting them pull off the master plan. Their house may be small but this is Deceiving Drive.

They have a basement that is secure and secret absolutely ginormous and this is what’s inside? The area was mostly for Becky to plan the plan so thousands of pieces of paper lay on the ground and scattered along the walls. So many that a bull dog that parkours over 5 metre gaps fighting with knifes sharper than Bob the butchers couldn’t cut.Chalk smeared all over the chalk boards mixed in with math equations that turned Alfie into a brainless baby if he glanced at it. They also had dirty old pillows with a ragged mattress that had spiky springs that popped like a canon with a big BoOm!

But it was getting late grumpy Alfie that thinks he’s cool and a big soft teddy bear at heart was ready to take on the mission tomorrow.Becky on the other hand the skinny geek the smartest in the school was shaking with fear butterflies boxing in her tummy was thinking.

Will we.

Make it.


You’ve probably soared through the glistening blue sky on your personal sky ship. Remember the summer breeze swirling like a gentle tornado the sizzling sun superior to a smoothing sauna. Your mind floating in the comfy cushion clouds leaping like sheep over fences.

I bet you’ve enjoyed looking at the miniature dots down on the ground you once roamed around that are really are just humans. With their tiny wee boxes where they live with glorious gloomy green grass that dances the waltz in the wind through the open fields.

But. Sometimes. Disaster strikes…Thunder crackles in the dull grey spiky clouds, beasts lurk and lurch above and rain plays the ship like the drums.Monsters crunch and snap the bottom of the sky ship and the engine stops in utter shock…


Everything fades.

To black.
Fear creeps up your spine like a dragon about to pounce its prey.Ears filled with to much noise.You are frozen, as still as a statue.Time ticks away.The sky ship buffeting.


The balloon…

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