The Phantom

The Phantom


Chapter 1

“Go down to the lower deck -I’m starvin’.Prayin’ we’ve got summat left to eat,” whimpered Captain Mateusz. The journey had been bitter, cold and treacherous. Winds bashed and battered the steel-lined air ship: the sails of the ship flapped and rippled, ready to tear like paper. The captain wasn’t sure they’d make it, especially as supplies were abnormally low. The journey was meant to last weeks, not months, but the winds and storms had caused setback after setback.


Emerging from the lower deck, Cole and Zela (the captain’s faithful companions) returned with a single slice of dried bread in their hands. An unfortunate expression was painted across their face.

“Is that all we have?”

“Sadly yes captain, “replied Zela, her eyes meeting the floor of the airship.

“B…b.. but we still have over a day left of travelling north until we meet the Ominous Outpost,” he cried, “ We’ll never make it.” Cole looked up, his eyes widening, “We HAVE to make it. We have to. We’ve come too far,” he retorted with faith of steel.

“Let the winds carry us then kids,” cried Captain Mateusz, “Lets land this thing and get some supplies.” Zela knew exactly what she needed to do. With a gentle nod from the captain, she disappeared to the lower deck.


A sound hissed above the captain as the inferno of flames began to deplete. Holding his breath, the men watched as the Phantom -their ship- began to tilt downwards and descend towards the ground. Cole gripped the rope, his knuckles whitening, to try to steady the lurching ship. Steadily, it glided below the cloud line, until they saw the vision of evergreen trees. “Land! Land!” screeched Cole as Zela frantically ran back up to the deck.


A flurry of driving sleet and snow swirled around the airship, coating its slivery exterior in a shroud of white. Like a chameleon, it blended to its surroundings as it approached the biome below. “Prepare to land! Brace, brace,” the captain screeched. Ricocheting off the ground, the airship landed, bouncing repeatedly until it finally came to a stop.


 Chapter 2


“Here we are, finally!” exclaimed Captain Mateusz while leaping off the airship onto the ground. The frost beneath foot was a universe of pearl-white stars.

“Still a long journey left on foot to arrive at the Ominous Outpost. I will go look for it, and you’ll take care of the airship.” announced Captain Mateusz.

“Why can’t we come?” asked the twins.

“I told you, will guard the airship.”

“Oh alright.” Cole agreed reluctantly his arms folded.

“I hope you’ll come back soon!” Zela cried.

“I hope so too.” Replied Captain Mateusz. He had a tinge of fear in his voice: his nerves unsettled the twins.


The Winter sun still hung high in the sky, yet within moments it started its descent into an endless abyss. Shivering from the instant change of weather, the twins entered the galley of the ship in search of warmth and a drink. After a few minutes, they found some tea bags. Filled with excitement Zela screamed.

“Keep quiet who knows what creatures lurk nearby.” Cole explained. Zela put her hand on her mouth trying to quieten herself.


Cole got out onto the snow and dug out some of it (to melt it into water). As he turned to return to the airship, he looked at his surroundings for the first time. A line of trees stood like soldiers in the distance -they were framed by mountains and hills. However, there was nothing else. It was eerie to see such little life.


“There must be something here,” Cole muttered to himself. Somewhere in the midst of trees, Ruby like eyes flickered. His hairs stood on his back…



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