The rocking roller

The Rocking Roller

Just then , the sound of a outrageous storm surrounded the Rocking Roller as Angela and Cameron’s hearts were beating furiously like smashing drums. Don’t worry children we are nearly there ! Shouted captain Polo. The problem was that Cameron nor Angela had no idea where they were going because captain Polo explained that it was a surprise but they were going to the treasure Island. All of them felt tired after the collision  , so they fell asleep. But captain Polo was wide awake until the shining moon reflected in his Emerald eyes. CRASH! When every single one of them awoke they had a terrible surprise for them, they weren’t where they were supposed to be and they could no longer reach the clouds. “where are we I’m scared” cried out Angela. Captain Polo quickly croffed the deck to inspect the damage from the collision. All of the windows were shattered and the engine was spluttering furiously. He knew that they couldn’t continue. In the next instants the ship plunged downwards.


Angela and Cameron watched I horror as  the ground rushed towards them. The skyship was heading towards a place that looked like a deserted beach. BANG! All of a sudden, the tip of the Skyship sunk into the ground. “Save the ship before it disappeared into the sea” cried out Cameron. “ I think I see a way out, look there” Cameron and Angela climbed their way out as captain Polo tried to get the engine working.

The siblings climbed out of the hatch of the skyship through the windows and stared at the landscape around them. The sky blue sea crashed against the shore, the golden sand stretched as far as the eye could see and was sheltered by a series of palm trees. In the distance stood the crumbling ruins of a small hut which suggested that people had once lived there. Peacefully the shining sun reflected in their emerald eyes. All around them, the sounds of nature filled the air, waves lapping, the strengthening wind swaying through the trees and the eagles squawking as they searched for prey.

Angela and Cameron noticed that Captain Polo wasn’t at the skyship. They guessed that he had left to find materials. As the children were shaking and shivering, the evening sun set and darkness started to fall upon them. They strained to catch sight of the crew as by now they were hungry.

Just then…they saw something mysterious…

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