The sky beast

The sky beast


With a thud they landed suddenly

“ow” Matt shouted

“what happened” patch said anxiously

“m-my arm it really hurts” Matt squealed

“could it be broken” Sam thought

“where are we” Sam pondered

“yeah where are we patch” he said as he got a bandage as they looked around mountains filled their view and so did a jade and emerald green forest.


When they walked closer an aroma of forgotten rotten fruit filled the air, thriving mushrooms attracted lots of mythical animals and to the side where water fountains with no water and large oak trees with olive leaves the grass was overgrown everywhere you look and although it was foggy and they were wet they didn’t imagine what was happen next they could taste fear and them and then BANG! Jagged lighting struck the ground around them

“why now” Sam groaned then it started to rain.

20 minutes later the children where left alone on the sky beast while patch went to get materials, food and water

“I can’t believe patch left us alone like he’ll find what he wants” Matt groaned

“relax” Sam assured him nothing can hurt us “I wonder how he is” out of the corner of matts eye he saw a black silhouette

“what was that?” …


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