The Sky Mermaid

Sky Mermaid

  Chapter 1

‘’Hold tight Jacob were nearly there’’ screeched Jeremiah

‘’The Sky Mermaid is hard to ride and it’s to s-s-slippy, I can’t control it ‘’Screamed Jacob. Jeremiah’s hands began to shake as fear consumed his whole body. He knew they were in trouble. Big trouble. Jacob gripped onto the steering wheel, his hands turned pale as he tried to regain control. In the distance, forked lightning slashed through the sky like a knife, cutting through the clouds.

At that moment, to their surprise, they saw a red flash: the Devil horned dragon’s. The boys were frozen in time and their eyes widened, their jaws opened and their whole body trembled.

‘’What on earth is that?’’ Jeremiah gulped

‘’Dunno. But I think we might be in trouble mate! This is all your stupid fault.’’ Said Jacob

‘’It’s not the time to fight, this is more important’’ said Jeremiah anxiously, trying to take control. Immediately, they drove away but the dragons kept following them. After some time, the dragons finally disappeared: they sighed in relief.

A flicker of colour streaked across the sky. The wings of the dragon’s were unmistakable and then they took the fuel out with their horns.’’ What is thar OH NO!’’ They were crash landing as the wind whipped them. Suddenly the sky ship ricocheted onto the flat surface on the grassy path.

‘’Are you alright Jacob?’’ Shouted Jeremiah

‘’Yea’’ muttered Jacob They both stared into the air to see if the dragons were gone, they were.

‘’Thank God we didn’t die!’’ Screamed Jacob


Chapter 2


Intrigued, the two young explorers looked around their surroundings to their surprise, they were stranded in a glacier which floated on the glassy, serene ocean. Jacob glanced over the crippled railings mesmerized, as the oceanic breeze gripped his entire body, covering him in goosebumps.

In all the directions, great stippled peaks of ice, loomed over the airship whilst pearly clouds engulfed the clear lit sun lit sky.

‘’Are we going to be here forever!’’ exclaimed Jeremiah, his breath turning to mist hit the freezing air .He gazed around again’’ Wait this is quite cool’’ Broken buildings that one were magnificent, lay on the ground. Jacob’s reflection shone upon the clear crystal waves.

‘’It’s alright I can loom for a fuel tank’’ said Jacob. He went to the place where there was a lot of buildings and rubble. He put his leather jacket on ,’’That’s better, Oh wait that looks like a fuel tank over there I’m going to get it’’ Something or someone flashed in a black silhouette so fast he couldn’t see the face. ‘’Hello who is that?’’ He crouched nervously to the fuel tank he was going to grab it  but then he heard a noise…

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