The sky-ship travellers- episode 2

The sky-ship travellers

Episode 2


All of a sudden, they went flying down. The sky-ship went falling further, further and further, being dragged down by gravity.                                                          “Hold tight” shouted the captain, who was attempting to guide the ship.                       “we are going to land”. Lizzy was at the top of the ship, gripping on to the sail, trying to keep herself steady. Suddenly, they hit the ground.

Everyone began to open their eyes, Lizzy glimpsed in amazement. All they could see was the sight of tall trees and unusual, miniature creatures. The leaves on the trees were emerald green while their stems looked vivid. A fluttering butterfly flew past their faces, letting its brightly coloured wings lead the way.                                                                                                                    “This is beautiful” said Lizzy in adornment but before anyone could say anything else…… A strike of lightning flashed out of the sky, the sound of thunder scraped through their chests.

40 minutes later, it was pouring with rain. Lizzy and ollie were left alone while the captain went to find materials to make a tent. Captain left them with the instructions of not stepping foot off the ship. While he was gone, all they had was the light of the half-moon that shone on their face.

At that moment, they heard a bang…

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