The Sky Shippers




To their horror Hazel and Harry just realised that they were falling at a great speed.

“What is happening?” asked Harry. The balloon popped even Hazel was scared, who is the brave one. Starly (the skyship) was spinning in circles.

“Oh my goodness!” screamed captain Tom.

“It looks like we are landing at a forest, for some reason?” said Harry. Bam! Suddenly the ship crashed into a tree and then they fell out of it.


The beautiful trees with huge branches were fatal at the time of dusk (sunset) it was a nice sky but as night took over a massive storm appeared with strong winds that Harry felt on his cheek. Hazel could taste the fear from her own self. Harry could smell fruits in the distance. The trees were collapsing as one nearly fell on top of captain Tom.

“Ah” shouted captain Tom as the tree nearly landed on top of him.


Eight minutes later captain Tom went to find some rubbish to fix the balloon as Hazel and Harry are alone next to Starly. When Hazel and Harry were alone they spoke about if captain Tom okay.


But Then…

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