the starling


There on our back, shouted captain Heywood as a zombie pirate stabbed his sword into the balloon making an almost irreparable rip. The balloon made a horrendous squealing sound as it plummeted down at speed the ground came up to meet them. CRASH. The ship crashed in terrible shape. “were deserted in a dessert!” exclaimed Mortdecai. Captain Heywood looked at her map and stated

” we should be in the demerara desert but it seems like we are uncharted”.


“we could bake cookies from the coco palm that grows here” suggested Mortdecai “the at least we have something to eat” added Rigby. Captain Heywood and the crew supposed that they could fix the ship in one moon cycle, it is just that we need dragon skin. Rigby pipped In and said “ there is a cave near here” captain Heywood ordered the crew to the cave for supply’s


Soon the children were alone on the ship then they heard a groaning noise …



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