The unexpected say ship adventure

The unexpected sky ship adventure.


You have probably been in the sky where your hair is blowing in the fresh air. When your cheeks are numb,but in the good way and the tips of your fingers are icy cold. Remember how it feels to be free, to be the one in Power, to be literally on top of the world.

I bet you enjoy the feeling of sun beaming on your chest, The feeling of laughter and giggles when you see the miniature people living their day to day life below you. And The feeling of being love with nature.

But I think you should try a totally different experience, when were the air steams up your breath, where the cold bites your cheeks. One where When will the Sun is non-existent and the flowers never peak. A holiday day where the weather is unpredictable storms,rain clouds are all you ever see. A holiday where the ship tosses and turns,rolling around like an Oblivious hamster in a ball.

And the rumours say that at the height of the night shadows emerge from the clouds crackling waiting for the unexpected victims.There tall,slender with ghost like out because they won’t hesitate to eat us.


She cried out for help,no words came out. Her heart was beating at 100mph and every butterfly in her body was singing and dancing.The red rose from her face, ”SPLAT!!!!”. That was the 7th bird she had murdered,Jade was just a little innocent girl before she boarded this ship.Now she had brutally murdered 7 innocent living things.

“AAAAAAAAAA”, echoed through the ship, Jade had hit another poor bird, Jades identical twin sister Aurora rose from below deck to re-assure her it wasn’t her fault(again)” this is your first time you have ever been on a sky ship not alone drive one!I think your doing pretty good considering” laughed Aurora.”look down there” said jade in a soft tone.

As both sisters peered over the deck there hearts sunk at how extraordinary high up They where. Their father warned them to stay below the second layer of clouds because mother had  sadly perished the following  year by melting at the core of the suns hart. You see these two little girls have set sail in this adventure to find the mothers heart locket,since it was his fathers last wish.he was dying with cancer.her was

Terminal.suddenly a shiny bit of metal glimmered into Auroras eyes blinding her. “THE LOCKET,THATS MOTHERS LOCKET”.screamed jade. The two girls joy quickly faded once they realised where it was. It was perfectly place on top of the second layer of clouds calling for attention.”jade,father warned us that we mustn’t not go onto the second layer”. By the time  Aurora had finished her sentence jade had clenched it in her hands,Aurora crossed every possible bone in her body because she couldn’t bare the thought of losing someone else.

Jade slid down the pole of the mass and the 2 girls ran towards each other.The 2 girls hugged. The joy filled there body’s.They where happy.”pssssssssssssss”the air sank,the sun had melted the air ship’s balloon.”WHERE GOING DOWN”screamed Jade.

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