Visit The Explorers Hotel

Visit The Explorers Hotel

This summer are you wanting to have fun? Do you want to have a blast? Are you hoping to have an amazing adventure? We are in an ideal position by Disneyland Paris, our rooms have lovely beds with care and we offer free membership passes for Disneyland and 

exclusive pool time with an awesome pirate ship.

At the Explorers Hotel we’re pleased to offer:

  • Comfy beds with free Wi-Fi of course
  • A free bouffe for six and under
  • Daily use of the adventurous pool
  • Onsite beauty parlour

For a week of fun, laughter and peace, book now as places rapidly get snapped up. We are expecting masks for entry and hall ways due to coronavirus.

Don’t miss out on our amazing 50% discount! But children that are six and under sixes go free! To give you a splendid break we would like to give you:

  1. Treat yourself to a luxury spa
  2.  A children play park with adult supervision
  3. Nursery for babies so you can get the perfect rest.

You won’t regret booking. Last year, Miss Mancini from St Patrick’s PS said, ” This was the best holiday ever, we took multiple trips to Disneyland and explored around the area! ” Don’t forget:

  1. Comfy beds with free Wi-Fi 
  2. Under sevens are free
  3. Free access to the adventurous pool

Visit our website or call for more info at or call 555 02902.

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