West Island

CHAPTER 1— Without hesitation, Zach speedily grasped onto the railings along the bottom the Ascending Aidan. He tried hard not to die. Zach leaned into Hugo “They found us, we need to get outta here!” exclaimed the trembling boy. It was at this point where the realization set in, they needed to run. Why, you may ask? Well… The Foundation. The worlds most powerful army group were chasing them. According to the trusty glowing globe, a device capable to locate the exact co-ordinates of anyone, had detected the Foundations ship, The Obsidian about 20 minutes away from their location. They needed to capture the mystical blossom fruit to heal their mother, however they would need to pass the foundations sky-ship. Practically impossible, as The Foundation’s lazar radars would make even the strongest of explorers tremble.


Zach and Hugo are cousins, who have been sent on a mission by Hugo’s mother to catch the mystical blossom to heal herself before death. All fine, right? Well, there is one catch , the Foundation. The world’s  most powerful army to date. The group’s leader- Ragnarok – has caught a highly contagious  sickness. Ragnarok’s minions are setting off as quick as possible to heal their leader, however the cousins would do anything to heal Hugo’s mother. So, who will win the race? Carry on reading to find out more…


Meet the children of the ship. Zach, 11 years old, was diagnosed with Terralobponkitus, a condition where the resident has Green Hair and photographic memory. Zach has a reputation for being a good mechanic, following in his father’s footsteps. When you are fixing the voice box of an 140 year old toy donkey, it’s a piece of cake, however when you’re on a sky-ship getting chased by the #1 strongest army of all time and the engine shuts down, the pressures on. Meet Hugo- 12 years old. He may be young, but he’s a big dreamer. Hugo dreams of being a pilot, and today could be his day. If they were to save their mother, they would need to seriously hurry up. “OKAY, lets do this!” exclaimed Zach.

“Sure, I’ll drive.” Believed Hugo.

“OKAY, 3…2…1…GO!” Hugo sped through the inky skyline. Off they went. They were crusading through the night abyss, Until…


BANG! The engine spluttered and choked, it was not looking good. Zach sprinted down to the engine room. It had ran out of oil. Zach ran to the back-up emergency room, but there was no oil there either! By the time he got back up to the deck, they were already falling. They shrieked and screamed. “Brace yourself!”



BANG! Had they managed to survived?


Chapter 2—The Ascending Aidan spiraled down towards – a pure horror story unfolding. Zach and Hugo bounced uncontrollably from side to side as the sky-ship plummeted down, their jaws dropped with fear. Below deck, Captain Manny was shaking violently from his slumber. “What in Tarnation!?” he screamed with dread. The confused captain stumbled up the stairs and shrieked in horror at what he found. “AHHHHH!” The ground rushed up towards them. “Our engine- its failed!” Zach roared in panic. The useless clunk of metal continued to tumble down, falling at a rapid speed.


With one last creak, almost like the ship was roaring in pain, it met the ground, ricocheting and bouncing across the shoreline. Zach and Hugo felt victorious. “We made it!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, YES!” Captain Manny was puzzled. He pat himself down and let out a cry. “Holy smokes, I’m alive! We made it, Wooohoooo!” The overwhelmed captain slowly groaned and got up on his feet. What he saw, blew his mind.


All around Captain Manny gazed at grainy, glowing grains of sand . At this point, Zach and Hugo were scanning their whereabouts. The fractured sunlight beamed over the mountains causing a sense of elation throughout the crew. Mustard, paper-like fragments of gold dust layed along the shore; it seeped into their feet. Cotton-Candy clouds floated over West island and poured down their glamorous raindrops every once in a while. All was perfect, until they turned around…


“The ship, what!” shrieked Zach.

“We’re stuck, what!” alarmingly shouted Hugo. The ornated yet dilapidated ship crumbled away. “How are we gonna get back?” cried Hugo.

“Well, we need to rebuild the ship!” Captain Manny hesitantly muttered. “Okay, listen, DO NOT leave toucjing distance of the ship, understood? I’m going to go and search for resources, don’t leave!” Captain Manny roared. “Okay sir!” they both promised. And with that, off Manny went, stroking his moustache with fear. They stayed put to the ground.


Suddenly, they heard a noise…



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