A 3rd boss member

While they waited for the crew, Ty heard a noise…It was a…a…a…b…b…b…baby d…d…d…d….dragon! They had a text watch so the rest of the crew sent them a massage about the balloon they got but it would take a day to come back. The dragon looked freezing so they passed him a blanket and fed him as well. The dragon was so calm and wonderful they had to keep it, but not forever. They placed the baby dragon to sleep for a couple of hours. They were sleepy as well because of yesterday and Marian squeezed the dragon while Ty was in a different room snorting! When they woke up the dragon WAS GONE, they looked everywhere and he was in the bath room. They were laughing but where mad at the same time. Then the baby dragon was lost again. She went to the bathroom but ty was there and she said “where is the dragon?”

“I don’t know I was in the toilet!”

Guess where he was? In Ty’s room! They called him captainmcbubles and his nickname capmcbob. He got welcomed as a new member of the crew and actually the 3rd boss and that’s a pretty good job. After a day they heard a dragon but not a small one a massive one! It looked like the baby dragon but bigger. It was his mom and it was sad that capmcbob had to retire but it was fun to have him .They kept capmcbob a secret.

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