A new crew member

While Marian was out, Bruno was investigating Cornwall. He noticed a familiar car park he visited when he was younger. Meanwhile, Marina had reached camp with the sky ship. As she carefully landed the sky ship at camp, Bruno leapt aboard, a smile broke broadly across his face. Suddenly, they heard a loud crying noise and it lead them to a small baby dragon that looked hurt and injured.

‘’Its hurt’’, whisper Marina.

They both put layers of bandages on the dragons feet so it could heal they hoped for a speedy recovery.

Bruno, Marina and the dragon made their way into the sky ship the dragon was shivering of coldness and whimpering. Marina and Bruno felt relieved that the dragon was in a safe place now and once it had recovered they would give it back to the mother. They heard another loud cry that sounded painful the dragon had fell of the top of the sky ship.

‘’I don’t think this dragon is going to be okay he will probably die soon’’, Shouted Marina.

‘’We need to give it to its mother then’’, Shouted Marina.

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