A new crew member

They had finally fixed the ship and heard a cracking noise from the inside. Ty took a deep breath and cautiously entered the ship. Mariana and the captain followed behind Ty. He turned back at them and said” nothing was wrong.” A quick second later a small gush of fire set Ty’s jumper on fire. Mariana tossed a bucket of water at him. As the captain was walking side to side with hand on his hip shouting at Ty and Mariana for wasting the last collection of water they had left. A small dragon popped its head out of the barrel behind them it gave them a small jump scare. It had blue and purple scales and big lushes eyes, the captain budged through to take a look .He clambered to research room below deck. Ty helped himself to a new pair of clothes and got dry. Meanwhile Mariana was bashing the keys on the computer for research the captain was holding a magnifying glass right up to the poor dragon’s eye. PING a notification popped up on the screen it said be careful you are in danger. Mariana glanced at the dragon thinking how it would do any harm. She kept it to herself as everyone had already been worried enough. Ty came down stairs with a pair of massive pair of shorts and tiny top. The baby dragon started laughing. “It’s the only thing left “exclaimed Ty they all went upstairs to find out what the baby dragon liked. Soon after they found out it likes everything but their favorite is cotton candy.

Will the dragon harm them?

Will Mariana tell everyone her secret?

And will the dragon find its mother?

I guess we will see what happens next…..

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