A new crew member

Suddenly, Ty and Mariana heard a deafening, screeching noise.

‘’What in the name of the world is that?’’ said Captain Hernandez. The twins peered over the side of the ship.

Ty whispered, ’’I can’t see anything, can you?’’

‘’I can see something, it’s tucked below the wing,’ Mariana replied. She clambered down the ladders to get a better look at this mysterious thing. She went further down the path until a cloud of dust had made her difficult to see. Then suddenly, a call came from Mariana, ‘’OH GOSH IT’S A BABY DRAGON.’’ Ty, whose smile was wider than the ocean, sprinted to the Captain’s quarters to pick up pair of gloves to handle the dragon. He came back with a pair of the gloves (The Captain’s gloves) even though the Captain was right behind him and shouting ‘give me my gloves back, I got them for my 58th birthday,’ Ty didn’t care even if he is scared of him, he knew he was going to be punished for this but then he thought to himself ‘a dragon is more important than a pair of gloves. He was right. Mariana, whose eyes were fixated on the dragon, carefully picked it up. Then she politely asked Ty to get her a blanket for the dragon. But they didn’t know that this was the dragon that’s mother knocked them out of the sky and it also had special power of invisibility and ice powers I wonder what is going to happen next…?

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