Are the old legends true?

Dear Diary,


  Yesterday As the sun set, The most extraordinary  thing happened. I was at Barclays Beach with my friend Sam. The sand was wet as usual, the salty water dashed across the pebbles and many sassy seagulls tried to steal someones fish and chips. I had taken my old binoculars to add some birds to my notebook but did find any.


My friend wanted to go stone-skipping. We went on a journey to find rocks. I went south and my friend went north. I ran around the beach finding some rocks but I had no luck.


By now, It was getting pitch black and the sun had run off. The wind dashed powerful but I managed to get some rocks. And as I put them  in my bag it suddenly smelt like dead fish and salty water.


As I stood  I called my friend. But he never picks up, so I decided to go on a hunt to find him. As I looked there was an unknown shadow creeping up behind me. As I turned to see.  There was no one there I thought it was my friend playing a trick and i went to the pier to get a fishing rod and then, two bright yellow eyes pierced through me I slowly stepped back keeping eye contact with the creature and yelled Sam.It’s fins were wrapped with fresh seaweed and blood all around Its body as it glared at me and disappearing  into the sea.


What could it be?

Is it the Malamanber?

Are the old books and legends true?

Was I the first person to see it after it disappeared 60 years ago?

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