Birthday surprise

When the sun burns light, something astonished happened. Since it was my birthday, me and my kitten Levi were taking a little walk around the duck pond. The pond rows as the ducks are being fed by the people. It was a quiet sunny beginning so I took my coat off to feel the breeze.

A few hours later, it was getting a little chilly so I put on my coat and the sun ducked as the moon started to show. I stood for a little longer wondering what was going on, I was thinking that someone was going to surprise me but then, I sensed a humid and soupy water on my nose and when I looked up….

It seemed like I was dreaming, but it was real.

Razor-sharp claws that are about 2ft tall, It’s tall dragged with bloody spikes all over as if it was an old fella. Breath-taken eyes were staring directly at me, it’s bloodstained arms were as chucky as a burger. The legs were steaming with gases such as H2o. Teeth as fangs, stabbing through people’s flesh.

 was standing in shock, I thought what to do but when I blinked it suddenly fades away in plain sight, my heart is pounding really fast and I randomly drop like I was dead….

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