Dairy entry

Dear Dairy

Yesterday morning,something shocking  happened. I went for a walk with my dog. He is called Barkly. We went to the beach and the beach was called Blackpool beach. The water was fresh blue water and the water weather was fresh wind. I took him with me and my friend  and it slowly started to rain and the dip of the water fell on my face. I saw that the water was actually blood. I was so scared.

It was evening, I heard the fresh water which was on Blackpool beach and I could smell some chemicals. I thought that there was a monster but then I went home cause my dog was tired.I was just about to see him but then he just disappeared.It seemed as though it had a pointy nose and it seemed that he is made of chemicals and he has an old body and his arms were green.As I stood watching him he came closer and closer and he disappeared for 2 seconds.

After it came back I ran away from him and he came behind me. He disappeared again and he didn’t come back. I just went back to the park and my friend said let’s go somewhere else and I said to him “no” . I was looking at the water and it turn blood .

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