Diary entry

Dear diary

Yesterday evening when the horizon disappeared,the most terrible thing had happened to me. It started when I was walking on the beach with my 2 little kittens. My little kittens were walking and they so seaweed and usually they are really scared of seaweed but then they disappeared.

The weather was eerie. It was raining so much that you will be socked. It happened when I saw  a long spikey tail and 4 eyes and I was so scared that I thought it was the malermander but I knew the malermander was a myth.

I could just about see a long spikey tail with 4 eyes. Its arms were really long; they were up to his feet. The feet were back words and the teeth were bloodshot red teeth, the claws were covered in blood and the back was full of sharp pointy spikes.

I had ran and ran and I had gone to the pier.The creature suddenly looked at me and went in the ocean and teleported to his home.


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