Diary Entry

Dear Diary

Tuesday night,the most insane thing happened.I was walking my dog Sello in the wet muddy park.The white,concrete pier was right next to us.Sello was running around in the stampy mud .The rain was pouring like a concrete brick falling to the ground.It was as cold as Antarctica, with all the powerful wind my hat flew of to reveal my head.

After a while,we were ready to go back home.Behind the dark,brown  trees we saw some shadows.We smelt rotten fish and seaweed and we heard growling.I could feel the wind go zooming past me.All of a sudden the rain stopped and it was only windy.We saw some sharp, horns sticking out off the tree.

As I stood watching, I could just see the sharp,pointy claws sticking out of its slimy back.Its teeth were like needles piercing through slime.His legs were as green as leaves.Its skin was slimy like goo.He stood there watching me go back slowly.His eyes were like torches shining into my eyes.He stood there watching me and slowly coming towards me.

I was about to run,but then mist came out of nowhere.When the mist was gone,the monster wasn’t there anymore.It disappeared as fast as the speed of light. .I ran as fast as my little legs could go,and then I never saw the monster since.

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