Diary entry

Dear Diary

Yesterday morning the most amazing thing happened.I was taking my dog Aqua for a walk at the beach.The waves were rising.It was so cold that I had to wear my hat and coat  to be warm.Aqua wanted to see the water more and spent lots of time walking there.While Aqua was walking I was behind trying to catch up.

By now it got dark and the sunset the wind was howling.I was on my way back. I was waiting for Aqua to come back. I went closer to the sea to get Aqua but I couldn’t see him. Then I smelled this horrifying smell. The smell grew stronger as I kept going more and closer to the sea.

I waited for Aqua.He never came.Then this creature came out of the sea it started to glare, its red eyes at me.It’s big arm’s had spikes all around it’s legs and back whatever it was it wasn’t fish or human it stood still then walked to me it came up to me and revealed a row of razor sharp teeths.

Aqua then came.The creature then stepped back and disappeared into the sea.I then ran across the beach not looking back.Is the Malamander real and am I the first person to see it.

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