During the adventure

Quickly the captain steered the ship into the storm cloud.BAAAAANGGGG !!!the bump POPED!!! Closer and closer came the canopy of coral bottom.

CRASH!!! The ship had shattered into pieces. Isxaq newton king Jamie’s most trusted advisor and first mate. He was with king Jaimie when the ship had crashed. He had  broken his leg.


Every body set of on foot to get back to lontown which was about 10000 miles away from coral bottom. Stuck in coral bottom they saw trenches of water  where creatures like anacondas dwell within. The forest was covered in sea weed moss and shiny gold glow-stone. The sounds of the birds twittering was now irritating everyone and now everyone was tired to.

The leaves were moving. Sticks were crunching and for all le bron  isxaq and captain k.bucks knew it wasn’t anyone from there crew.


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