Episode 3 – New Crew Member.

Episode 3 – New Crew Member

Something was crawling up the Sky Ships wooden hull. Lizzy, whose hands were as cold as ice, shivered miserably as she glanced up at the misty sky above. Troy raced to the edge and peered down into the gloom below the Sky Ship, wondering what could be making such a loud noise. Troy squinted.

“What is that strange noise?” she mumbled. Lizzy whose glasses steamed up with mist, shivered unshaking as the floor boards creaked beneath her feet. Lizzy took a step back. Her face went pale with shock. Troy could just about make out what was snorting and sniffling in the twilight below. He could see a glistening light reflecting on the Sky Ship’s mirror on the lower deck.

“Oh, it’s a Baby Dragon,” shouted Troy. “Oh no its hurt. We have to help it!”

“No we can’t, don’t bring it on the ship.” Said Lizzy in a panicked voice. “It will eat us.” She cried. The Baby Dragon shivered. It was bitterly cold. There were miniature shards of ice, which prickled its skin. Lizzy ran to get a soft, cuddly blanket, not knowing if the Dragon will survive.

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