Flashwave chapter 1

Sky ship Adventure Part 2 

 By Lachlan 


Mutila woke up to the noise of a massive conflagration. What had happened, how had he got there? Then through the door came an old man with an epee. Mutila put his hands in the air as to make sure the man didn’t kill him.  

“Ha, you think I would actually kill you; you are special.” He suddenly said. 

“What do you want from me” he whispered so as not to disturb the creature on the man’s shoulder. 

The man realised that Mutila was looking at the creature with alarm and said that his name was Ungues and that he was no threat. 

“What’s your name, mines Mutila” he said with anxiety. 

“Iram” he said impassively. 

Mutila got up and looked outside and saw that there was a massive conflagration and that somehow it wasn’t coming to them.  

“THERES A MASSIVE FOREST FIRE OUTSIDE!” Mutila shouted with trepidation. 

“I know but we have a strengthened force shield outside. 

Mutila looked out and shielded his eyes from the sun. There, at least thirty yards from him was a mass force shield with flames thrashing at the sides. 

“What do we do” asked Mutila with a bit of anxiety edged in his voice.   

“Well, I have dug a massive underground track and if we go along it, we can reach the royal skyship committee” 

“What’s that” said mutila with a bit of interest in his voice. 

“You haven’t heard of the RSC, well its where you can buy airships and go on adventures to earn money. Have you got any money? I do but only enough to get an airskiff.” Iram said blankly. 

“I do but only a few coins” Mutila said with a bit of empathy in his voice. 

They set off the next light when sun was just peeking over the hills. The tunnel was long and windy with a heap of junctions and tri-junctions. At one time they met a couple of mercenaries with some captives strolling down the east side of the tunnel. Irma said they were supposed to be part of the lazado which was a rebellion that fought against the Tierra Draco government.  

They finally saw some light ahead and when they reached it to their horror, they saw a massive dragon with claws as long as a sword. The dragon was red all over except for the eyes where there was a mix of yellow, red and orange and the teeth were sharper than a stalagmite sharpened to a point like a wolfs tooth. Mutila reached for his sword that Iram had given him, but Iram held his hand firmly. Mutila could tell that Iram was shaking as his hand felt like a low earthquake.  

“Shhhh, it’s a wandering death. They’re as deadly as a triple headed lion. They hate all weapons made from steel.” Iram whispered in Mutilas ear.  

The dragon slowly lifted his head up and made a humongous roar and then trotted off down on of openings to a maze of tunnels. They headed onwards weary from their near-death experience and glad to have some daylight on them. After an hours walk, they set camp and got Iram’s bell tent out. Mutila set off for search of food and water. He came back with a deer, a wood Pidgeon and a beaker of water. That night they sang round the campfire songs from old myths and their culture and when they had sung their heart out, they went to sleep forgetting to set guard. 

The next day they realised there was claw mark ripped in the tent and their bags had been thrown around like straw dolls. They knew at once that a goblin had come here. They got up and looked at the map. They were about a miles walk from the RSC.  

Once they had got all their stuff packed up and sewed the tent with grass and bones from the meal the night before they set off. The hot sun made their skin damp and sticky. They kept to the trail but would occasionally find a short cut through the meadow they were in. Suddenly Iram shouted from the other side of the bridge they were crossing, saying there was sky ships in the sky. Mutila looked behind him and saw at least a thousand airfrigs passing overhead. 

“WE’RE CLOSE!” shout Iram with excitement. 

After half an hours walk, they reached the RSC. It was shaped like a sky ship and when Mutila looked closer he saw that it was actually a real sky ship. They walked through the hatch and stepped into a long narrow room with a desk at the far end. Behind it was a woman with long blond hair with full Armor on. 

“How can I help you” she said looking up from her desk. 

“We want to buy a sky ship” They both said at once. 

“What do you want” she said with a quizzical look. 

“Well, we have four hundred and fifty-five gold coins, and we want an airfrig “said Iram. 

Just then there was a bang and the woman fell to the floor with blood smeared all around her head. 

Mutila turned and saw a masked figure with a pistol aimed at them.  

“Put your hands in the air” he said. Then he took off his mask. 

“Hello son” said his father with a dry smile. 

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