Flash wave: Introduction 


Mutila laid the old map in front of him and examined Tierra Draco. This was where he was on a commission to. This was his life’s work and now he could finally go. Mutila had lost his parents to a goblin raid and his sister had obscured in the mountains of Tormenta isle. He was being looked after by a dragon and that was why he was a dragon hybrid. His father was a human, and his mother was a dragon, and it was only a coincidence they had come together. The god of love Maitasuna had punished them for not praying to him by making them have a baby together and marry. 

He sat down pondering why he was here, but Draco had insisted that he work for ‘Heriotza’. Draco was the dragon he was being looked after by his mother’s elder brother. He erected himself up and strode over to the sink and washed his hands because the paper the map used was minorly acidic. Then he went out on to the front deck to look out at the view. There he saw an armada of sky ships heading towards him, cannons loaded. He ran to the ships hovel; it was just a minor attachment as most sky ships rely on hovels to store the wheel and navigation devices. 

He steered the Beltza, his ship, down to land in the northern bayou of Tierra Draco. This was the most dangerous place to land, and he had to swerve to avoid the riven branches of the trees. Suddenly a bayou dragon swooped up and scraped the dirigible causing the Beltza to crash into the brink of the bayou. 


Smoke, fire. Mutila sat up but quickly realised there wasn’t enough space. He glimpsed some light in the distance and realised it was a way out of the burning wreckage. When he had finally scrambled out of the burning debris he turned and saw that the ship was slowly sinking. He started to shout for help, but it was too late. Draco was trapped, probably dead. Now it was just him and the wild.  

He started to look for shelter, stones for tools and sticks and moss for fire and bed. Suddenly whilst he was looking there was a loud shriek and a fire phoenix soared past him lighting the campfire he had just set up. This was a sign the god of flames was helping him. He found a Pesse canoe moored up and further on an old shack. There was someone living here. He went to the old shack and knocked on the door. No answer. He tried again but still the same answer. Then he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Then blackness. 

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