lost boy

One day two twins went on an adventure they were called Ty and Mariana it was a humongous sky ship it was a long one he had a whole crew with them and felt safe and protected. Their expedition task was to get all the fortune from the mystical wood it was a woods with lavender fir trees and willow trees it was like a wonder land but only one person has saw it for them self’s Ty’s and Marianas father how passed away in an expedition it was a dragon fight they say that dragon looked like the devil owned it deep black eyes like your sole claws as sharp as knifes its scales jagged and horrid the colors he wore were black as a sole red as blood and yellow the most coolest one what looked like gold that dragon was legendary. Ty was steering the ship as the crew was doing task half of them was making sure there was no beast some was cooking some were having a look out for bad weather Mariana and the rest of the crew were having a sleep or a rest. It was all going well until a storm came they the crew how watched the weather shouted STORM! Suddenly they got hit they had to do an emergency landing before they burnt to death. When they landed They were drowsy and was hungry one of the crew members sacrificed themselves to get all the food  they survived but burnt their and they had to use a med kit they had inside their back pack then they pulled out the map and continued their gurney. It was a hard and long one for many nights in their misery every time they slept they left a rock to know were to go coming back after the a month they finally made it to their destination it was wonderful they took loads of pictures and loved it their they chopped only 2 trees down and managed to get a sapling to plant it they also took the lavender a bit of vines an tons of things to decorate things when it was time to go back and they did. When they did they were all wondering how to fix the air ship then Ty Bob and Mariana sanded all of the crew to explore for things they needed as they were all alone they went to explore their aria more and went swimming in the sea near them then saw something else a nest they both thought then Mariana shouted “WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” suddenly the ocean started to have loads of waves and force the quickly got out the sea and ran back to the air ship to find  their crew with supplies suddenly they saw blood dripping to the back of the ship Ty was scared then Mariana had a look and was a boy  he cut his arm they helped him and he said he was lost and needs somewhere to stay so they agreed to let him stay his name was Bob. While Bob was asleep they repaired it woke him up and got home safely Ty and his sisters parents let Bob stay the end.

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