Malamander Diary Entry Report

Dear Diary,

2 days ago I came to Black Pool beach alone for a relaxing holiday and warm swim.I stared at the sunset horizon and thick white clouds making way for the beautiful sun.Cyan waves of water dumped themselves on top of one another like the game of Jenga. I put on my magenta sandals and stepped on the dry, yellow sand.Tiny splashes of water brushing themselves on top of them.I walked further on and saw shoal happily swimming together.I tightened up my thin scarf and shut my eyes to breathe in.

 The air  was fresh and clean just when a funky smell went up my nostrils.It smelt like sea-salt water mixed with seaweed.In less than a second, My eyes shot open.I had never smelled such a stench before.I tried to ignore it and and bent down to feel the water temperature.It seemed good enough.I removed my sandals to step in the water.


But as I stepped in, I bounced back on top for land.It was as cold as a sweet popsicle on a sunny day melting in the sun.I went back in the water and suddenly stopped to take a closer look at a sharp rock in the sea.Only it wasn’t a rock.It got bigger and bigger, and I spotted slimy, lavender tentacles squirming about like weeping babies.It was humongous.It approached me and swum on the sand.


It was 7 feet tall,had 3 eyes all different colours, dots on it’s gooey skin and  crimson scales and as I took a better gaze, it grabbed me with one of it’s tentacles squashing me down the sea until I couldn’t breathe.I saw splashing fish swimming away in fear leaving me no company.I managed to escape and tumbled down on the dry sand.I saw a huge, purple splat on the sand but no other trace of the terrifying creature.I thought of it.It seemed as though it had wriggly tentacles and slimy skin.Pointed eyes and no legs, just pairs of little brown hairs beneath it.It had teeth as sharp and pointy as the tip of a new, sharpened pencil.It had wine-red eyes as red as blood and about 13 dirty spikes on its crouched back.


Half of me wanted to run away but the other just had to stay take more evidence.After about 15 minutes of standing there, finally,my mind made its decision.I put my sandals back on, got my luggage along with my coat and scarf and ran away as fast as my little legs could take me.As I ran, I thought of the moment once more.I had hoped that that would have been my last sight of the creature.What had I just seen? Had it been the one and only sea creature of what they call the Malamander or something even worse?

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