Mysterious creature

Mysterious creature……..

Dear Diary,

Earlier today, me and my German Shepard, Loui were walking on the beach at lytham St. Annes. The weather was nice and the sea was calm.

Loui was running around and I was looking far into the peaceful ocean. Loui came back to me but he looked worried and I knew something was wrong. Suddenly the smell of rotten eggs filled the air…..

A tall, large figure appeared and a freezing cold breeze flew by. It was a mysterious creature! It had one blue eye and one green eye, 10 rows of razor sharp teeth and it was gigantic. Shooting from the water was a green, slimy, creature that almost flattened some of the boats around.

I picked up Loui and sprinted away. We were both scared and people were disappearing like flies in the ocean.

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