New crew member

The crew was out looking for more leafs and stuff the twins were all alone in the ship they suddenly heard a noise they rapidly ran off the boat and went to see what it was it was a little baby dragon it looked very sick and It must have been dropped when the ship was under attack from the dragons and fell out if its mothers hands it was peeping out the side of the tree glaring at the twins thinking they would hurt the him but they picked the dragon up and it hid his face from the twins  the dragon looked up to try and see its mum but she was not there the dragon looked sad without its mammy we had to keep it a secret from the crew they would throw it out of the ship we can’t tell them yet. The dragon was hungry we did not know what to feed it we found some jam and we hope that it will be able to eat it. It looked like it was enjoying the jam we gave it. The dragon was weird it could not do anything like blow fire or squirt water like other dragons it was different the twins thought it was because it was only small they said to just be patient a few weeks past and the dragon had no special abilities it was quite weird Marianna said it was because the dragon did not know how to use them he might know after we train him said Marianna and snuck him out of the ship the twins the dragon was confuised  we told the crew about the dragon after they saw us out of the boat the twins said that there was a small baby dragon that  was hurt and they heard it crying behind the rocks they did not tell us to throw it they called it there new crew member and they loved the dragon.

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