Sky ship adventure Part 1

Matais was racing alongside Beth to get to the sky ship, their hearts were pounding in and out of their bodies like a bouncy ball smashing against a wall repeatedly. Behind them they were being chased by angry explorers that wanted their sky ship. They quickly jumped into the sky ship and flew away.

Their mum and dad had given it to them just before they went to the Benignities Forest/jungle to explore. They said they would be back a week later but now it has been over a year since they went away, they were told that they had been killed but something tells them that they are still out there. They have been living by their selves for a year now and they were starting to get the hang of things but that part of them that would not let go, the part of them that still believes that their parents are out there.

They had been preparing for this day for ages now, they were going to try and find their mum and dad (that is if they are still alive).Earlier that day they had been making sure that they had enough fuel and power to get from Wales to Brazil they were all ready when there were extremely loud noises coming from the kitchen then slowly, they crept through to see what was going on, they saw five men creeping around their kitchen “it looks like their trying to find something” said Beth softly “but what would they want from us?” asked Matais in a hushed voice “I don’t know” replied Beth confused. Then unfortunately, Matais tripped over a bucket full of water and then the people in there jumped and looked around, quickly Matias and Beth ran for their life then the angry explores started to chase them. So here we are now, they were running to the Sky Ship then thankfully they lifted into the air they kept on going up now they must be about 1000 feet up in the air by now. They were now passing over Flumer forest but then the Sky Ship started to shake then they engine broke and they went flying down and landed in Flumen Forest with a big thud

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