Sky ship adventure part 1

Tom looked out the window of the sky ship to see king castle village while Bob was fixing the engine, for their adventure the captain was eating strawberry donuts on their couch. “The engine is fixed Bob shouted” in the night while they were sleeping 4 blue and red ghosts ripped the balloon apart. The ship zoomed down into lion island there was a giant crash everyone woke up even their pet cat Mr. Twinkle was scared. They knew they had crashed into lion island because there were hundreds of lions everywhere. There were very scared, but Bob had an idea he took one of the captain donuts and gave it to the lions. While the lions were distracted, they sneaked past they needed a plan to get out. They had to sleep in a tent that they packed for the journey Tom heard a strange noise “what’s wrong said Bob?” I thought we were going to go to the forgotten island to find the shield of power but now we are stuck here. Right when he said that a wooded boat appeared in the river, they all climbed in, but it was a trap. Luckily Bob went in last, so he jumped out and ran to the sky ship to get rope a pull the boat back to land. The lions realised they were being tricked so Bob, Tom and the captain ran as fast as they could trying to lose the lions. Right at that moment the king lion forced the island to attack. This old man appeared on the small mountain tom could just hear him say “follow” but then when he was 10 meters away it went black.  

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