sky ship adventure part 2

Gentle flakes of snow had touched Emily’s nose she rose up. “Pass me the blanket will Ya?” mumbled Ben. “Ben “Emily whispered I’m cold “ben added again. “Ben!” cried Emily “what?” “it’s snowing”. Ben opened his eyes looking puzzled Ben and Emily looked around for a moment examining every breath-taking detail. There were humongous mountains towering over them next to the mountains lay a frozen glimmering cold lake everywhere around them lay white pure snow. “You are on my property” came a voice from behind them. It was a … talking polar bear “you don’t happen to see an airship, do you?” Came Ben trembling with fear looking horrified. Emily and Ben turned around to face the polar bear its fur looked as soft as a blanket and was warm as a hot chocolate. “In fact, now that you ask I have I saw it crash land at siren falls my name is snowflake by the way what’s yours?” asked the polar bear. “I’m ben” “and I’m Emily” “anyway hop on my back I’ll take you there “with that Ben and Emily did what they were told. When they had arrived, it was completely different the sun was blazing hot and beautiful waterfalls crashing against the rough rocks with sirens all combing their long hair that was as golden as the sand.

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  1. Super writing Iona! Well done😊

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