Sky ship adventure pt2

As the sky ships engines roared into life Lukas began to feel the wind on his face but Euan began to feel scared and worried because there seemed to be a storm brewing on the other side of the mountain, but Lukas thought nothing of it.

As they left pueblo de Jabali (Spanish for boar village) Lukas started to realise that that storm could be very deadly, and it was for seconds later the sky ship was speeding towards the ground like a sky like a paragon falcon. Euan screamed they were being attacked by armoured dragons! Boom the ship was in peace’s…


They had just escaped there although were some casualties, but they still had enough to carry one with one cook and few other crew members. As soon as they could see again, they were amazed for they had landed halfway up a mountain witch at first was amazing with the view and clouds they even had a wild herd off goats in the distends. But then Lukas realised they were far from civilisation. Suddenly Luigi looked up in shock for there was a massive phoenix circling above them it was beautiful, yet intimidating Luigi said Quietly. It swooped…

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