sky ship part 2

Lilly was very worried, so she stood up and tried to look for the map but she felt a sharp pain in the leg and so she fell at that very moment a big flash of lighting. Lilly tried to look what was happing, but she got blinded by the sparkling lights. When her leg felt better, she stood up and again looked for the map as she was looking for the map until. An ice dragon flew and grabbed her by both her shoulders Lilly felt the wet soggy grass as she got lifted.  


she looked down, and she felt a fear as she struggled to get out, but she forgot the beautiful sight as she looked at the sight the fading light and some stars about to shine the moon starting to appear and the glow of stars starting too fully started to get dark the dragon flew to a cave and there her hart started to beat faster   but she found a blurry figure. As the dragon put her down, she saw Rhon she dashed to him and said “I missed you so much’’ but Rhon said “it’s only been 6 hours’’ but as soon as he finished the mountain started to rumble. 


“Earthquake’’ Lilly said both ran for shelter as they found a random table, they both went under the table after Rhon’s panicking stopped Lilly took her map out of her pocket she looked and said “mm interesting we are at mmm right at OH NO were out of the path we were going to go were at puzzled ill ‘’ but she spoke to soon the mountain started to crack the hole cave collapsed and they fell and a dragon caught Lilly. She looked confused she never saw the type of dragon before but then she took her dragon journal and realised it was an amethyst dragon “its super rare I’ve never seen one before’’ Lilly said   but the dragon dropped them. 

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