Skyship Adventure part 1

Billy sat down, staring at the people boarding the new skyship. Billy and his dad would be boarding soon, Billy’s dad John works for the MMES (Musty Moutain exploration society) “BILLY, ARE YOU ALL PACKED!” shouted John. “YES!” lied Billy. Ever since Billy’s mum died it’s been difficult but him and his dad are very close, so when John got asked to go to Musty Mountain for work, he obviously said yes. They even said that he could bring someone, He decided to bring billy. 

They stood outside of the skyship ready to board, one by one they boarded. Each showing the captain their small pink tickets. “You excited Billy?” said John, “Not really…” replied Billy. They both entered the skyship there was only about 25 people in there, not a lot but more than billy expected! Billy and john found their room, room number 12. They unpacked and were soon flying over Chacha city; the view was amazing! 

They went down to the restaurant for dinner, The menu was very fancy. It was around 8.30pm when John got invited to fly the skyship, of course he said yes! Billy had to stay in the room, but he was fine because he had a book and a big window to look out of. Suddenly, everything in the room started to float. He looked outside, the ship had turned upside down and was falling through the sky, BOOM! They crashed. 

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